Energy Management Program

The Energy Management Program includes the Building Tune-up (BT), Retro-commissioning (RCx), and Strategic Energy Management (SEM) subprograms. These subprograms offer a comprehensive mix of custom energy-savings measures such as basic HVAC tune-ups, building systems tune-ups, controls’ calibration, diagnostic testing, and installation of measures to enhance your building’s energy performance and savings.



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Maximize your facility’s energy performance.


Building Tune-Up

RCx and Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Strategic Energy Management    (SEM)

BT offers incentives to offset the upfront costs for adjustment and calibration of controls, diagnostic testing, and the installation of updated/replacement of the existing HVAC, refrigeration and lighting control measures that enhance building energy performance and savings. Tune-ups cover either a limited quantity of controls (not whole building) and/or low or no-cost measures that can be adjusted/installed by a building operator without the need for an RCx professional.



RCx involves a systemic evaluation of opportunities to improve existing energy-using systems by starting with an in-depth energy assessment. RCx improves the efficiency of the facility’s existing mechanical, lighting, and control systems and identifies longer-term improvements. The process can often resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed throughout the building’s life as equipment has aged, or as the building use has changed. RCx also includes Virtual Commissioning (VCx) or Meter Based Commissioning (MBCx) that utilize building meter data.

SEM is designed to optimize energy consumption for larger C&I customers through long-term management of existing systems and processes. The SEM process begins with developing a Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP), tracking and benchmarking your facility, and moves on to energy assessments to identify potential savings measures.

Choose the pathway that meets your needs. 

We provide a comprehensive mix of energy-saving custom measures for non-residential buildings of all types – commercial, industrial, government, institutional, or nonprofit. This includes comprehensive HVAC and refrigeration measures, starting from a basic tune-up to adjustment and calibration of building systems and controls, diagnostic testing and installation of other measures that enhance building energy performance and savings.

Building Tune-Up


RCx and Monitoring-Based Commissioning


Strategic Energy Management    (SEM)



Get up to 70% off installed equipment when you bundle different upgrades.

Sample Measures Include: 

  • Re-calibration and tune-up of existing systems
  • Calibration and replacement of building systems and controls, including energy management systems, lighting, and HVAC
  • Diagnostic and function testing of applicable major systems and equipment
  •  Application of HVAC controls to optimize Roof Top Units/Air Handling Units
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Chiller system controls performance
  • Lighting controls upgrades
  • Lighting controls optimization
  • Lighting upgrades (must be bundled with controls)
  • Other program eligible energy-saving measures identified through the building assessment

Save 10-20% of annual energy usage with in-depth analysis and recalibration of key building systems.

Sample Measures Include: 

  • Energy audit
  • Calibration of building systems and controls
  • Diagnostic and function testing
  • Optimization of industrial processes
  • Schedule/control air handlers, exhaust, and lighting
  • Right-size and rebalancing of ventilation systems
  • Integrated whole-building approach to building performance improvements



Technical support to help you benchmark your facility and identify energy savings opportunities.

Sample Measures Include: 

  • Energy consultation
  • Facility benchmarking
  • Developing Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP)
  • Energy assessment and identification of potential energy savings measures







Energy efficiency made easy!

From enrollment to incentive, we make it easy to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your building.

Enroll Your Building

Provide your building’s basic information via an online application (link below).
Preliminary Analysis/Scoping and Pre-Approval

Evaluation of energy-efficiency improvements bundled with whole-building strategies.
Project Implementation

You work with a JCP&L Program Ally to implement the approved scope of work.

We will work with you to complete a measurement and verification process.
Final Payment

Receive your financial incentive based on the final scope of work and calculated energy savings.

Customer Eligibility

The Energy Management Program is available for non-residential customers, including commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and multifamily common areas. A customer’s average annual electric demand must be over 200 kW.

Small Business owner

Additional Information 

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